Why Catholic School?

Why Choose Catholic School

High academic standards, a safe and caring learning environment, a focus on character development and self-discipline—these are just a few of the benefits of Catholic education. By choosing a Catholic Academy of Bridgeport school, your child will receive a superior education in a safe and supportive learning environment. Spiritual formation is central to our mission, and we strive to help all children develop their individual God-given gifts to reach their true potential. All four of our schools provide a comprehensive academic curriculum and well-rounded program that educates the whole child—mind, body and spirit. Tuition is reasonable and a smart investment in your children's future.

Benefits of a Catholic School: 

• High academic standards 

• Safe, caring learning environment
• Focus on spiritual formation and character development 

• Affordable tuition with financial aid and scholarships available 

• Small and close-knit school community 

• Rich culture with music, arts and language classes 

• Sports and after-school extracurricular programs 

• Pre-K programs that prepare students for a lifetime of learning 

• Proven record of excellence and high graduation rates
• Students receive the foundation and tools to succeed in today’s world